What's Your Hurry?


“Once it’s gone it won't come back around
What is lost isn't easily found.

So what’s your hurry, hurry, hurry today?
Put your worry, worry, worries away.
I can see you tripping over what you're running from.
Don't you know you're not the only one?
So what's your hurry, hurry, hurry today?

Slow down your mind to the pulse of a heartbeat.
Find a song that you love and put it on repeat.
'Cause something happens to you when you do.
You know it's still you
But with a better view.”

These lyrics from “What’s Your Hurry” by Hush Kids are on my mind. Yesterday, ahead of pending storm, I spent the day in my studio cleaning. Next week I have two students coming for a private workshop, which provided me a good excuse to set things up differently and make sure the space was prepared.

Shifting gears from making to cleaning, sorting, and finishing work allows me to slow down. I cleaned all of my brushes over the course of several hours, separating ones to put into my workshop supplies to donate to students. I vacuumed and mopped the floors, watered plants, installed hanging hardware, and read Strange Familiar: The Work of Georg Gudni.

It was a sweet kind of bonding with my creative space; restful, quiet, and replenishing in a wholly different way.